New FFXIII Trailer

ffxiiicombatA while ago, Square-Enix put up a mysterious countdown website and that countdown hit zero revealing…A NEW Final Fantasy 13 Trailer! This time with ACTUAL gameplay footage! I am excited because I get to see the brand new combat system.

Since it is all in Japanese, I really can’t tell how the system works exactly but I believe I have a general idea on how it might play. Since I noticed the bar on very top shows the word “Chain” and provides what looks like a damage bonus, I can only guess that is a combo meter that rewards you for doing combos. Directly below that on the bottom right of the screen is the health meter, nothing fancy there. Opposite sides of that is what looks like a set of moves you can choose from for your characters move, again nothing much new to look at unless you go a little above that. Above the move list appears to be a list of 3 possible moves you have queued up for your character to complete. This could hint at many things. Could they be making the game more turn based where you have time to choose how to spend your 3 points per character or does it want you to be as quick as possible. Only time will tell. In the mean time, if you have any ideas of what it could mean, feel free to speak up! Link to Trailer


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