Aksys games gone wild!

Aksys games pimping out the turn based JRPG with their recent upcoming title Record of Agarest War. The advertising that is, the contents of the game itself are something more like Disgaea. Check out the official game trailers in all their glory.

Watch first then read article below.

Censorship FTW

Is the advertising false? Is the advertising appropriate for a teen rated game? This is a topic up for some debate, as I’ve seen scoring the net for others thoughts and comments on this exact subject. What I find is a very mixed result, with many what seem to be average gamer type folks posting that they are confused about trailer saying things like “How is this going to be teen rated” or “What is the game play like” or “Censorship, this game looks like bad news”.

Now take a big step back and think about it, the Censorship in the trailers is put there to create the illusion of naughty your mind does the filling in part. The fact stands though this is a T-Teen game and you will not find any nudity in it what so ever but you might find some sexual themes and humor. I know what you’re going to think next “But the trailer leads me to believe that this game is pure sex”, rest assured Aksys games is not ready to commit game suicide in North America just yet.

This topic beside lets dive into some of details and history of this game and its style. This game is far from the first game to merge dating and turn-based RPG together, and this is definitely not the first one to touch the word naughty.

Thousand Arms for Ps1 – This was the first game I ever played that merged JRPG with dating. The goal of thousand arms was to date women and build a strong relationship with them, then using your hammer and her spirit to forge better weapons, and that is the short theory. This game was under the radar, but a classic in my book. To hammer the point that this game and Agarest are very similar I point out that they are both anime based character design, both T for teen rated, both have a dating system that helps forge the best warrior, and both are turn based fighting. The difference is that Thousand Arms follows the more Final Fantasy approach of combat while Agarest take the turned based grid approach.



Under water ray ramano

Utawarerumono for PC and PS2 – This game for PC contains adult content and the Ps2 version does not, much like Fate/Stay night series the game itself is about 80% teen friendly and about 10% adult and 10% mature content. The story is amazing, engaging and addicting, if your forte is not strategy and thinking several steps ahead this game will best you.

This is where I point out that this is not the first turn-based ero game produced but it is one of the more successful ones. It was a hit PC game that spawned the Ps2 port, and that then spawned the anime series, that recently got and OAV and a movie. This is one of the few games that Is both classy and adult, engaging thoughtful game play with strategy lures the player in and rewards his victories with story progress and dating progress. The characters are very likable and art is very simple yet unique, stylish but never over the top. Overall this game sits in the same bin as Agarest, and the Ps2 port puts it in the same rating bracket of teen.

What does this all mean? Well if you like turn based JRPG’s then chances are you will like this game. If you buy this game based on the current advertising for the sex appeal you will be disappointed if you’re not into turn based grid games.

I myself enjoy these games, as I highly enjoyed thousand arms and Utawarerumono I will be pre-ordering. I would pull the trigger soon if you have any interest in this game, as I do not believe it will be popular enough to keep in production.

Now that you have thought about buying this game lets point out your options.

You can purchase this game on your choice of two systems the Xbox 360 and the Ps3.

If you get it for the Ps3 it is only being offered as a direct download, no box, no extras, no fun.


If you pre-order for the Xbox 360 you not only get the game but you get the sound track, a bumpy boob mouse pad, and a pillow case with one of the main love interests printed on it.

This very special edition is dubbed the “Naughty edition” cost only $60 bucks. Really it’s a deal for just the extras alone. A worthy investment for those interested.

Oh Gigidy! Goo!


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