Guest Writer: Changes to WoW Classes Brings Stability for Cataclysm

As of a few days ago Blizzard has been releasing short previews of the class changes.

Oh yeah, Litch King is back!

They have been releasing them a few at a time and for once Paladins won’t get to see their changes until after everyone else. Currently the class changes for Shaman, Priest, Warlock, and Death Knight are out. Rogues info will be released later today and (Hunter, Druid, Mage) are due to be released April 9th. Paladin changes won’t be released until April 16th.

The class changes so far seem promising and for the most part balanced for once ;( or as balanced as a blizzard game can get). I have yet to finish reading all of them but from what I have read (Shaman, Warlock, Priest, Warrior) they seem to be pretty fair. Also the Death Knight class can tank in Cataclysm, allegedly. So far it seems as if healing will not only be more engaging but raid and tank healing as disc priest is now viable (Finally). Also Shadow Priests are getting a minor DPS buff for the shorter fights, burst damage when and where Dots don’t do much.

Warriors get a heroic leap again and warlocks will still be powerful but slightly more manageable. Cataclysm presents a few conflicting ideas at least for myself; The class changes so far sound promising but the downside is that Cataclysm doesn’t have any original content. Except for the new Goblin and Worgen races Blizzard is just rehashing old raids/content; the same thing they did in Lich King until Toc, and ICC.

I like the Changes a lot but I want to play new content. As far as me returning to Wow it is still to be determined. Please Blizzard quit re-frosting the Vanilla cake with different icing, give us some new content. Quit complicating things by adding new classes and give us something we haven’t seen. That’s all the information posted right now but if you want the live updates you can check here:

Written by Zach Russell A.K.A. Sony A.K.A. Devilboy of Sargeras

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