Weird Xbox Games from Japan

Well like the title says, some really weird games come out of Japan and sometimes I wish I could un-see what I have witnessed.


The amount of pretty odd games that  come out in japan is fairly large but many are not on console and many are too adult to be sold at mega marts. Some of which I lack the words to describe. Just check out this link if you are feeling like you need a laugh or to be a little more lost today. This game is about shooting pretty girls with a magical gun that makes them attracted too you, happy and embarrassed and a little hot around the collar. Again this video and game make me thing WTF.

Video is Rated pg-13 ish, and is safe for work, though weird….

Link Here!

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  1. Ok I thought the most disturbing part of the video was….. You shoot a gun that seems to make girls attracted to you and all hot and bothered….. and at one point you apparently use it on sheep. Was this developed in Wyoming? ;P

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