TriGun Badlands Rumble Review

First off, a little history about the film.

This Movie is animated by Mad house the same Mad house that did the series and I must say it took a long time to get the job done but it is done very well. If you recall several years ago say around 2005, the studio head was talking about the Trigun movie and in 2010 there have been several anime convention screenings on the West coast of the United States, Anime Expo being the first. This is where we the North Americans of Anime root first saw this film. Oddly I have been waiting for the North American release an entire year, so I settled on an imported Blu-ray. Funimation has held the rights to release the film, rumor has it that they are still Dubbing it and prepping the film for an actual movie theater release. Whats the hold up Funimation? Regardless I don’t want them to rush it, but there better be a North American Blu-Ray or I will be very disinterested in Funimations practices once more.

Ok with that introduction over I will keep this review Brief and simple. I will not be talking about the plot or doing the fan boy thing or rambling on and on.

Plot: Solid, set somewhere in the middle of the series, with several known characters making appearances. The story within is entertaining, even if you have never watched the series the movie still delivers a grand adventure

Animation: Top shelf, it took 5 years to create and is presented in High definition. Vash is looking great, amazing use of colors, darks, and lighting

Audio: I can’t say much about the english audio but the Japanese voice talent was spot on, and the music and sound effects are very polished

Overall: If this movie makes its way to the box office I would gladly pony up the cash to go see it, and will definitely be buying the North American release whenever it drops in the distant future. Better be on Blu-Ray or I’m not buying it.

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