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So I’ve been playing the Gears of War 3 Beta for a while now and a few thoughts and initial impressions have been floating around in my head and I wanted to put them down and share them with you. These are just my opinions and this is not a review or fan boy QQ session. I like this game overall so far, and I thoroughly enjoyed the previous titles. Deathmatch being my favorite mode so far I really want to see some of the other multi player modes tested prior to launch this fall. Oh by the way you can still get in on the beta by pre-ordering the game at your local GamestopEB games.  Ok lets get started!

Things I like so far about the beta:
1. Graphics and engine run like butter – better textures and smoother environment rendering
2. Match making is fast – groups are formed with ease
3. The new maps are nice – I can’t wait to see the rest of them at release
4. Cool achievements and perks – You unlock more stuff as you go and its cool stuff
5. Win or lose you gain something – You will be losing a lot but a sweet victory will emerge every once and a while
6. I like the loadout changer on the dead screen – This allows you to try different guns and combination’s on the fly
7. Sound effects – I love the depth and crispness of the sound, I can’t wait to play the campaign
8. Violence! – Thank god they did not remove it and as a good option you can turn off blood and gore if you want
9. Speed of games – The pace is nice and you can force a draw by just surviving for so long, I like this feature
10. Finish him! – The new and existing executions are still present and more brutal than ever!

Read the complete article to find out what I think needs to change.

Things that need to change:
1. Shotguns need to be tuned down! – This is the most abused weapon hands down, it is simply easy to use and way to powerful, why even have any other weapon?
2. Stamina needs to be implemented – why you say? Players never walk or jog they run everywhere all the time, If players could not do this long range weapons such as the near useless lancer might be able to do some damage. Chest high wall hopping and hug moving should not make you bullet proof, the famous shotgun roll and troll.
3. Game balance is terrible – I lost matches for a good 8 hours in a row before finding a team willing to work together and dominate. 3 rounds of 0 to 16 or worse in row is bad enough, but when this occurs over and over again it becomes frustrating and this will easily drive many people away from multi-player pvp action. Game balance sucked in the last two games why expect change now…..
4. Stock pistol sucks – Why does this gun waste inventory space in pvp? I see its use in campaign and in horde but this gun does ZERO damage to anyone. I put 4 clips into the back of a COG and nothing happened, well he turned around and one shots me in half with a shotgun.
5. Host stability is S$%@! – Dedicated servers would have been a better thought. Hackers are already cheating the system, I already have found that people are using hacked servers to exploit game variables this is also common among call of duty players. Host connections should not be allowed if the user has dial-up nor crappy dsl.
6. Spawn killing – When you can place grenades where people spawn and kill them before they move 1 foot by proxy without even having to look them in the face…. ya.. Lets give players at least a few seconds to load and move out of the spawn zones. Since players spawn positions are extremely predictable its easy to exploit.
7. Model size – Some characters are easier to shoot than others, just saying hit boxes should be fair for all characters
8. Glitchy explosions – I’ve been killed by mortars that were well out of my range seemingly random at times.
9. Time sink – With the unlock system will come items and perks that regular players will not ever have the time to get, hope that this system does not turn against itself, in short balance is more important to keep in check when players that play all day everyday have more firepower than the average joe with less firepower. Don’t let this happen.
10. I would like to see more game types in beta! – In short I want to test some other game play styles.
11. The Player replacement A.I. is trash – What a joke, what a useless joke. When your team consists of 2 real players and 3 bots your going to lose fast.

To any player just starting out I have just a few words and they are “Exploit the shotgun, roll a lot and don’t get discouraged; dieing and losing are going to happen, don’t give up you will get better.”

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