Blood-C: First Impressions – Meganekko, Vampires, & Shrine Maidens

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Episode one of Project I.G and Clamp’s (Blood+ and Code Gease) Blood-C aired two nights ago and right from the get-go those familiar with their other works will begin to see Clamp’s unique art style shine through. With the vast amount of vampire-related shows airing this season, I have to say that I was a little skeptical on how this would actually turn out.  On somewhat of a bias note, being a fan of Clamp and Project I.G. I really want to see this show do well.

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In the first episode you meet Saya Kisaragi, your ordinary highschool girl who lives with her father.. who happens to be head priest of a local shrine. Saya is overly kind and quite clumsy when it comes to just about anything and everything. Despite this she is athletic and frequently comes out on top in physical activities. Between school and rituals at home she practices the ‘art of the sword’ in order to defeat the Old Ones.[/note]

Note: By clicking more, you may be exposing yourself to spoilers and ranting.

I’m not even really sure where to start with this one. Our protagonist shares the name ‘Saya’ like in the other two Blood titles and when they say she is clumsy.. they really mean it. She falls over twice within the first two minutes after the opening and its like the watcher they are constantly reminding us of it. There were also a few scenes that lasted an uncomfortably long amount of time — the type that are just a few seconds longer than they really should be to fill time. One scene in the second part actually felt as if time were frozen because of this. To make things worse, not much of anything is explained.. things just happen and you kind of have to just take them as they are. I found myself with more questions then answers and sour taste of FFXIV in my mouth as I continued to watch.

Saya had a basic introduction, happy-go-lucky and clumsy (get used to it) but nothing is really known about the neighbor she has breakfast with or her friends at school. At one point the teacher actually cracks a joke while taking attendance to remind us that Saya is always late because of her kindness. Later on in the episode after school lets out, our protagonist heads home to make a ceremony that seemed to just appear out of mid air and all while she is walking home there isn’t a single living thing on screen besides her and a dog. When she pokes at the dog or even speaks to her father later on the reactions seem a bit ‘hard’. When the actual fighting begins there is next to zero explanation about that as well other than its her ‘duty’ and that she must slay it. It wasn’t till after the show and I began digging a little so I could write the description that I even have a hunch on the statue is.

Overall I think this series has potential, its really too early to base what the whole series will be like based on this one episode. The art style is nice even though shortcuts were taken — the fight scenes are fluid and well put together and probably one of the major redeeming qualities that this show has so far.

Those that gave this a watch, what are your impressions of things so far?

P.S. Don’t mind the above picture.

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