LoL It’s Monday: Drop it like its Everywhere!

This Week in LoL’s I bring you stuff that drops, people whom are funny, and crazy things that happen in large well formulated comedy. To kick it off I start you with some MMD improv then some people hurting themselves followed by the fastest computer money can buy ever! If you love this picture of a bird with arms you can find more here. I honestly can’t say I found these birds alone, credit to Crash_Maxed on these gems


Dial Up Sux!


What goes up must come… ouch

Unleash The Beast!

Old School Improv Everywhere

I hate Bestbuy but I love this!

Mobile Desktops, ya we mean real old desktops

Since we are from Colorado we invite you to Meet a Black Person

The best way to get kicked out of Abercombie and Fitch

Daily Drop

Top Ramens



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