AMD Now Holds The Overclock World Record

Though not the newest news, it is an update on bulldozer. For those unfamiliar with AMD processors bulldozer is the companies next consumer series of cpu’s. The bulldozer will come in 3 different flavors ranging from lame to insane and they are sempron, athlon, and FX.  Update: I’ve added videos at the bottom, check them out if you like mad scientist and explosive overclocks.

Now onto the news, the chips that set the record are of the FX 8-core series, the top clock was 8429.38MHz besting intels long 8.29Mhz set years ago by a celoron of all things. Does this really mean anything well yes and no. Clock rate only means so much, if you recall late generation Pentium 4 processors were very high in clock but still very slow. Of course this won’t be the case with this processor but it’s only to point out that clock rate is not the most important stat. Until we see benchmarks and have proof of speed in the real world it is hard to say, but the sound of 5.0Mhz on air is a very amazing fact. I can’t wait to see what the consumer base will do with this CPU and I want one. Is there a street date? Nope not yet but from what I read the estamates say late Q4 which means just in time for Xmas.

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