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And So Mirai gets her very own anime, or at least the start of one the project has been set in motion. The school and the uniforms are set and the seasonal versions of the setting are stunning. Danny  reports that the pictures shown on his website will be available in larger higher resolution wallpapers soon. JC Staff has done amazing works in the past and I really look forward to seeing what they will do with Mirai Millennium.

Never heard of Mirai Millennium well it’s a side story of sorts of where if Mirai lived in a future world. I don’t have much more info other than whats written HERE about it. I also attached a huge chunk of info from the post about Mirai pertaining to Millennium the Story at least the base of it. I really like this type of anime and I really dig mech, and this kinda falls into the Infinite Stratos category with mecha girls and school.

Mirai Millennium

Through his work, Kounen discovered how to harness energy from the core of a planet using a proprietary technology known as “Magma Array.”
Magma Array involves a system of subterranean caverns that are branched out from 5 kilometer wide Magma Wells that carve deep into a planet. Depths of Magma Wells depend on the size of the planet but usually reach down to the Lower Mantle. The energy harvested from the planets core provides what is being called the next generation energy source.

After many years of research, the United Earth Council finally announced that all fossil fuels on Earth will be depleted within 5 years. After living 14 years on Sorunia, Kounen is called back to Earth to develop a Magma Array near Mount Fuji in Japan. Mirai is to travel back to Earth with Kounen.
While the Magma Array is set to provide a sustainable clean energy source for the planets, attempts at destroying Magma Fields by the Renegades have resulted in mass destruction of Sorunia’s planets surface. At this moment in time, it is not known whether Renegades are human or alien but they are of humanoid form wearing Retrograde suits.
Mirai Suenaga (末永みらい)

A 17 year old girl who moved to the planet Sorunia with her father when she was 3 years old.
Mirai currently attends high school on Sorunia but outside of school hours on weekdays, she serves as a Solar Marine – all citizens living on Sorunia over the age of 15 (men and women included) are required to sign up for conscription.
On weekends however, Mirai likes to go shopping with friends and relax at home. (continued in this post)
Samurai Generations

FlameBurst Mirai travels through time and ends up in various periods in Japanese history – Sengoku, Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa and so on. But shes not just traveling through time for fun…
As you can see, the Mirai Millennium story is just a wee bit more developed than Samurai Generations ^^;



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