LoL Monday: Fire Rice?

Better late then never they always would say, but yes indeed Monday has arrived and almost departed. This week I bring you some awesome mad flaming rice, angry video gamers,  pokemons, and music videos. I tossed in a few Mass effect 3 videos and added a few more funny music videos just to top it off. It has been a busy weekend with moving and work and such, in all the chaos I managed to do a few photo shoots and write up this weeks lols. Enjoy

Fire Rice is the best!

Mass effect 3 spoiler alert – NSFW

Some hardcore pokemon trainer

Tenacious D – To be the best skit – NSFW

Group Therapy with MMD



Mass Effect 3 poop – nsfw

Skyrim Poop #1 – nsfw

Air Mattress sled

That lady is nuts

= 3 omg poop – nsfw

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