Anime Expo 2013: AniPlex Panel

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First I must say the line up is impressive and the digital delivery options are a nice change. As far as panels go well it was okay, the shows were great, lots of shows to talk about and not enough time was the theme.
They introduced Neon Ally web service as part of a partnership with Viz Media, it is a dub only anime service go check it out HERE.

AniPlex also announced Daisuki a digital streaming website for simulcasting Anime to the world, go check it out HERE. Overall the panel covered most of the new titles up and coming, they were pretty tight lipped about the “NEW NEW Stuff” and we were told that AniPlex has some huge new news that will be released at Otakon.

[spoiler title=”A wild tangent appears” open=”0″ style=”1″] The panel seated late and started late and ran long, this would not bode well and the AX staff was not amused and pulled the plug on the panel at the end. The lady who took the mic from the presenter was flat out rude to the presenter and the entire crowd, very unprofessional.
This was only the first blooper in series of bloopers that in short threw out press and industry out of multiple panels, the big one being the Good Smile company panel, a panel we wanted to attend but were unable to be seated. This is something that can be addressed in the future as it was a failure due to misinformation to floor staff, it was righted later in the night..[/spoiler]

NEW Releases
-Magi ~DVDBD Sometime Fall – Trailer HERE
– BLue Exorcist ~Neon Ally – Trailer HERE
– Blue Exorcist the Movie – Trailer HERE
– FateZero ~Neon Ally – Trailer HERE
– ValvRave ~Hulu & Crunchy Roll – Trailer HERE
– Servent x Service ~Daisuki & Crunchy Roll – Trailer HERE
– Day Break Illusion ~ New title, no outlet given yet –Trailer HERE
– Silver Spoon ~ Daisuki & Crunchy Roll , coming soon – Trailer HERE
– MonoGatari S2 ~Daisuki, coming soon – Trailer HERE

[spoiler title=”A Love Letter” open=”0″ style=”1″] Aniplex….. baby we gotta talk, these bluray box sets, they cost…. well way to much; and to be honest your driving people to the high seas of piracy just to get a high definition copy of the anime they already bought on DVD. They just want to see their heroes in HD or something that looks better on their new tvmonitor. That said these $500+ boxes are very nice but it would be so sweet of you to allow more fans to enjoy bluray collections at sane prices. And at those prices could you be so kind as to toss in the English dub. I know there are fans out there with the money to blow, but baby your really hurting the fans that love you so much but can’t afford to see you all that often. Please release some duel language BD box sets at prices people can squeeze into their already very tight budgets, pretty please with sprinkles on top. Love AnimeRoot

Ps. I’m dead serious many of Aniplex BD collections are more than $400 USA fun bucks and do not contain the English dub track, ya makes me sad a sad panda. [/spoiler]

Current Lineup
– Gurren Laggon – Limited Edition imported sub only $580 BD box set 15 discs and new complete DVD – Trailer HERE
– MIKUNOPOLIS – This 2 years to late BDCD combo is $80 – Trailer HERE
– Aoi no Exorist – BDDVD combo now and S2 in Sept

Pre-order or buy today
– Madoka Movie ~BDDVD box set $150 – Trailer HERE
– Sword Art Vol 1 OF 4 ~ BDDVD $112 per part so $448 or free to watch on Toonami on cable – Trailer HERE
– Gyo tokyo fish attack ~dvd – Trailer HERE

Sorry about the blur in the photos, we were seated behind the worlds tallest man so I had to lean to make the shots.

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