Anime Expo 2013: Sentai Film Works

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This year Sentai came out swinging on full, not only was their booth amazing and the new shows both refreshing and solid. Their panel was also very eye catching with live props, cosplayers, really cool light up cloth posters, a band and lots of LCD TV’s playing trailers. Sentai has made it in a big way. Locking claws with huge industry and expanding it’s online options and of course DVDBD releases. Sentai brought a tank (literally) to a sword fight launching some huge titles that I think will do very well. Sentai did it’s homework and came up with one heck of a lineup.

About the Panel: Well First and foremost Sentai publicly addressed QA issues with a few of it’s older releases, they apologized and will be fixing these issues with new updated releases and will be tightening up on quality standards on all future titles. The fans spoke and Sentai has listened and is on the case. Spirits are high in camp Sentai and I’m happy to see all the great shows that have licensed. The panel itself was pretty much trailers, and releases, which with a little more time we will run down all the trailers or at least the ones we can get our hands on.

The Release List
The up and coming and new current title list is huge and full of AAA content. Some of the content is web only and some of it is slated for release. The state of titles is changing and we only have the details we were told as of this moment.

July/August releases
– Idol Master ~BD&DVD
– Girls and Panzer ~BD&DVD
– Garden of Words ~BD&DVD
– Golgo 13 ~BD
– AKB48
– Shiny Hearts
– Horizon in The Middle of Now where 2
– Special A
– Phi Brain S1
– Another

September releases
– This Boy Caught a Merman
– Queens Blade Rebellion
– Kokoro Connect OVA

October releases

– Shin Sin Gumi S3
– Di Gi Charat
– Gatchaman BluRay Complete Collection
– Kokoro Connect
– Godannar
– Phi Brain S2
– Campione!

November Releases

– Hero no Kakugo
– My Little Sister is Among Them
– Little Busters ~ BDDVD
– La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia
– Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead
– Divergance Eve

Later or unannounced date
– Leviathan ~ The Last Defense
– Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!
– Casshern Sins

Recent honorable release
– Kids on the Slope ~DVD

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