NDK 2013 Coverage Delay & Issues

AnimeRoot why U NDK coverage so Late!?
Okay….so….Well…yaaaaa…about that….
I have made this post late because my house was flooded out during the weekend of NDK 2013 and I have been cleaning, moving, and working on restoring my life back to normal.
Coming home to destroyed memories and collections is very painful not to mention I’ve got no bed and I’m living out of a suitcase again; It’s hard enough to work on this coverage on its own with my day job, but toss in a flood and a natural disaster, well it flat out sucks. I have family and friends in Boulder, they are all okay, but this has been a very trying few weeks. Clean up is a major headache for everyone, I ask for your understanding of our delay in coverage. And not all is bad, I have been slowly working on coverage and some of that coverage will be going up very soon, as I write this the Gallery has been uploaded and the AMV’s have been gathered and the footage from interviews is being edited. Granted I’m working on a dinner table as I write this I’m trying to get caught up on writing & editing.

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Okay Other Issues
This NDK 2013 was a ton of fun and we were very busy this year with industry panels and interviews and as a side effect unfortunately limited cosplay coverage. I feel this year could have been better from our side and for that I apologize. Several key issues with positioning at C&C related to other cosplay photographers example: Setting up right in front of me when clearly I was there first and standing up for every shot just killed more than half our shots. I’m not going to name anyone but I will be talking with staff about it for next year, because that was unacceptable behavior and it ruined our coverage. Okay now with that off my chest I have to comment about the other minor and major disasters that plagued the weekend. 20130531180355_photographer

The flooding of biblical amounts, the NDK spray paint Fire alarm, tornado warnings, medical events and some very bad weather and poor shooting conditions overall due to crowds and very limited space. Bad luck and bad timing just all came together to sideline our cosplay coverage.
So Again we are sorry if would not take your picture this year, we really wanted to, and if your a Colorado local we still can, just ask on the facebook page or email us. We enjoy doing photo shoots, singles or groups, and we work mostly for free*.

*Local photo shoots are free unless special gear is neededwanted or a really long drive is involved.

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