AnimeLand Wasabi 2014: Day 2

I can say Saturday was a roller coaster day of events and emotions. I won’t go into details this early in this post but eventful is a good way to put. But that does not mean I had a bad time? No! I actually had quite a good time overall, enough foreshadow for you?

Saturday morning comes with more snow and ice and cold. We started with our normal breakfast sandwich and caffeine. Food at the hotel was pretty expensive and looked pretty standard fare to be honest.

After breakfast we snuck into the Uncle Yo Standup. If you have not seen Uncle Yo and you’re into nerd comedy you will probably love his standup bit. Here is his website –

Well we decided to troll around and take some photos on Saturday, the costumes this year were amazing and every year it just gets better. I made it to the C&C but more on that later.
//Photos of Saturday hallway cosplay// link to gallery hallway cosplay – Sorry Broken due to website migration, moving all galleries to flickr.


We stopped in the catch The Megas, they did indeed rock our faces off.

If you have never heard of them well here is one of my favorite songs from them –

The press meeting that was the highlight of the night, we were expecting different guests but in the end it was a good experience to say the least.


TecnoSabi –

It was mentioned in the press conference that JEWWARIO was going to be a press guest but sadly he had passed away. RIP my friend.

This pretty much wraps up our coverage of Saturday, we did stop at other events along the way but as stated at the top it was in good and interesting day overall.


Sorry about the delay of this post, I started my new job the Monday after Wasabi, so I have wiped out and super busy.

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