Animeland Wasabi 2015 Annoucment

AnimeRoot reminds you that Animeland Wasabi is this upcoming weekend and we are going to be onsite for all the fun. Don’t forget to get your costumes ready, your suitcases packed and make your plans for the weekend.  The schedule for events is up CLICK ME, and the complete list of panel descriptions is HERE.  This year’s theme is Pokemon, and they have the guest lineup to fit the theme. Being a fan of the Pokemon games and shows I’m pumped about this years theme.

Kyle Hebert
Stuart Zagnit
Jamie McGonnigal
Lucien Dodge







Other Guests that will be on hand for the weekend are: Jan scott-Fraizer, Steve Warky Nunez, Jessica Merizan, Warumono, Trixie J. Valentine, and  Umbra Cosplay.

AnimeRoot will be onsite taking photos, talking with guests and sharing out insight with you and the web. We are looking forward to the weekend ahead. Stay up to date by following  Animeland on Facebook, + the event page  and of course keep an eye on our Facebook and Flicker as stories and photos are posted.


See you at Wasabi!

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