Diamond in the Rough: Akame ga Kill!

This is a title that totally caught me off guard. Recommended to me through a friend at work; Akame ga kill is a dark, shounen, romance (pseudo harem?) series written by Takahiro and backed by Tetsuya Tashiro’s illustrations.


In the first episode you are introduced to Tatsumi, the Shinji/Shirou-esque ‘hero’ of the show. He and his two childhood friends set out on different journeys to bring money to their overtaxed village and reunite as stronger, better people. The heroes eventually make it to the capital where they find it overrun with corruption and oppression. To make matters worse, our hero, Tatsumi is rather green and over trusting goodie-two-shoes. This trait eventually leads him to meet the organization “Night Raid”, an assassination group of elite fighters that fight to overthrow the current government. Each member armed with their own unique weapon (Teigu) they fight to remove key targets from the larger picture.

Akame ga kill is one of those rare titles that really shines through in a diluted genre. I had some serious worries about the main male protagonist; thoughts of him being a shinji clone did come to mind but were thankfully put to rest once the story got moving. Each character has a decently defined personality type and you find yourself genuinely wanting them to succeed in their fight for what they believe in.


Despite the harem-ish subplot, this show is actually quite dark… however it manages to mix that in with a fair bit of romance, drama and just sheer hot-bloodedness. Lovers of Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann will likely enjoy this.

Where to watch?

It looks like this is currently premiering August 8th, on Toonami.

Alternatively you can hitup crunchy roll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/akame-ga-kill

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