Anime News Network Got Hacked

As Stated in the name of this article Anime News Network has been compromised by hackers. The exact details have not come to light yet but this was a fairly deep hack. We and others suspect  someone who is an admin class user and had access to all the systems running the operation had their computer compromised by virus or malware. Passwords got compromised in some way, and the email system got compromised. Then DNS registrar was compromised. This might also fall to the hosts and the ANN site itself.   The result was the hacker(s) took over various accounts on social media, DNS registrar , and a few other accounts. We will update this story as soon as we know more.

Update: Anime News Network has release a statement regarding this hack.

Update: What’s Going On with Anime News Network?

posted on 2017-08-08 11:43 EDT

Last night, Anime News Network suffered a pretty major hack, one that took down our original domain ( and compromised our email domain — meaning you can’t reach us through any email accounts for the time being. Right now, you can’t contact any of our staff using an email; it won’t reach us at this moment.

Through this process, the hacker also compromised some of our Twitter accounts, like @anime and @animenewsnet as well as a handful of personal staff accounts like @ANN_Ed and @ANNZac. We’re still working on cleaning all this up – it’s a pretty involved process that may take some time, but for now we’re live at Please spread the word on social media, as this is our new (temporary) home for the time being! We’ll be back with more updates as things progress – we apologize for the inconvenience, and shall rise again soon.

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