Made in Abyss Preview and Thoughts Thus Far

Based on Tsukushi Akihito’s seinen manga series. Made in Abyss (TV Anime) is so far a faithful to manga adaptation. I have read much of the manga and have been watching weekly. So far the show has been faithful to the manga and has not left any details out thus far. I can tell you the animation team has done a masterful job with the art style. The world is deep and beautiful, the characters are true to the manga and the action has been adapted with such care and detail. The sound track is amazing and the voice acting is top shelf. This is show is something to behold overall one of my favorites of the season (summer 2017) And so far I’d happily recommend this show to most anime fans, I’d also recommend the manga, sadly not published out here yet but coming.

One catch though,  don’t let the round cute style fool you this show is not for kids. Made in Abyss gets very dark at times, this show contains violence, nudity, and heavy writing at times. But don’t let that scare you away, the scary times come with the great adventure and fantastic stories. Check out the previews and watch the show through your favorite stream site, at this time I’m watching via Amazon, Sentai is the publisher.




Sound Track Sample – I must say the the sound track and sound design of this show are top shelf.


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