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NDK 09 – Day 1

September 13, 2009 Devon 0

The Animeroot crew rolled out and arrived at the DTC around late morning on Friday. The first thing that we noticed was that the hotel […]

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Anime Expo 2009 Day 4

July 11, 2009 Devon 0

Day 4 of anime expo was mostly just dealers room and autographs. The only other things really going on is closing ceremonies and origami (lawl). We bought […]

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Anime Expo 2009 Day 3

July 10, 2009 Pat 0

Zion will be updating this with some posts he’s been working on, but we went to the AMV rescreen and as a cool addition we […]

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Anime Expo 2009 Day 1

July 3, 2009 Pat 0

Today was the first real day of the convention.  The day was mostly spent waiting in line for the dealers room which was really quite […]