E3 News: Ninja Gaiden 3 Trailer

June 8, 2011 0

Ninjas, blood, explosions, broken controllers ah yes must be Ninja Gaiden time. I love that this franchise just tells people “I’m here, I’m awesome, deal […]

E3 News: Prey 2

June 8, 2011 0

This game looks sick, I played the first one and enjoyed it for what it was. In this game you play as a different character […]

E3 News: New Tomb Raider

June 8, 2011 0

The trailer shown is a pre-rendered video that will most likely be in the game but no gameplay footage was shown yet. Though if the […]

E3 News: Forza 4

June 6, 2011 0

Go fast, look good, go faster! I’m a fan of the Forza series, and if you like racing games you will love this! Forza 4

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