Anime Expo 2013: Funimation Industry Panel & Video

“You Should be Watching” and with that you already know who I’m talking about. But should you really be watching? Ummmm… Hell YES! You should be watching for sure! The funimation lineup is fan-bleeding-tastic! They have really covered a wide spectrum of shows from those who love action, boobs, drama, sci-fi, and comedy, Funimation has got a show for you; and what’s more is that you can get it free, or cheap. Online or physical discs, subs or dubs, super new or classics.

Funimation has put it’s tentacle in the game sort to speak of, seeing as camp Sentai is expanded into live simulcasts and new online outlets, Funi stepped up it’s game, and this is a win-win for anime fans. They are re-launching with a new layout, new forms, and an updated video playback system. Oh I absolutely love that they addressed the S.A.V.E. packaging issue, I had written an article about it a while back, and Funimation actually took my advice! Well maybe it was not just me yelling about, but I love that the jacket is now reversible and that green bar is not present on the reverse side!

Fuimation was kind enough to film the entire industry panel and put it on the inter-tubes! Watch this it pretty much covers all the new shows and the details.

Okie dokie notes aside, you came here for my take on how Funi is doing. Well first lets talk about all the Funimation events over the weekend, there were several, one dedicated to just new shows for and another for voice acting and yep a few press related panels. We visited most of them and of course went to the industry panel on day 4. We sat behind Patrick Seitz who had a really neat balloon hat, and we rubbed elbows with the folks from funi. We poked but they were very tight lipped about newer shows and releases, but let us know to keep our eyes on their blog as they have some announcments coming just in time for Otakon.

Some big news: Wolf Children movie will see a theatrical release in the US to select theaters sometime in the near future, Eva 3.0, Ghost in the shell Arise simulcast, Attack on Titan, and Guilty Crown dub. As highlights go those are pretty much them, watch the video to check out the trailers and learn more.

Pretty much all good stuff, the only a few things we asked went unanswered and it was related to censorship. We are worried that some of the more risky content for some select shows will get the poorly drawn on underwear treatment, or the added shorts, or the blood turned into dirt. As I said we are looking for answers still and will be following up with Funimation about it sometime in the near future. I feel that Funimation is in good hands, and is working on it’s image. They have been wise to re-embrace the Toonami fans, and they know how to market to anime fans. In conclusion they are doing quite well.

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