NDK 2013: Interview Super-Mega Post

This post has been a long while and coming. I’ve been pretty down and out, Sorry about the delay, life has been rough and sadly AnimeRoot.com is not my full time job, in fact it’s a professional hobby of ours. AnimeRoot does not pay us, youtube does not pay us, and we don’t advertise. Speaking of adverts and loads of BS, Youtube and Google+. We are not on Google+, we don’t like it, and we don’t like youtube comment systems and advertising systems so we have pulled the plug on comments and any adverts or redirects on youtube. We are 100% ad free, and google+ free. We are still very active on FaceBook. Click the More tab to check out all the videos, it’s all our interviews from NDK 2013 rolled into 1 post, Enjoy.

Chris Samaripa
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