NDK 2017: AMV Contest

BAKA! The Audio is missing from the first two minutes of the video, switch on the subtitles “English” I went ahead and filled in the details by hand as best I could. Sorry bout that. Audio does return and yes it is worth hearing Scott talk about the AMV’s. This year’s competition was amazing! Videos can be found on Youtube, AMV RU, and AMV Central.



Oh-Hi-Yo! – Azexous
Make Love, Not Explosions – Glitzer
Starboy desu ga – Nuke – Winner of Upbeat/Fun AMV Winner
Fowl Play – BecauseImBored1
Can’t Stop the Anime! – numbuh0051 – Winner Local Editors Choice
D’awwww Wagon – drewaconclusion

Convergence – Aerialesque
Yellow Ribbon – Allegoriest
Tempus Finis – xSnowflakes and Kaeldri
Still Breathing – WandressVixen
Convalesce – Radical_Yue – Best Drama/Romance AMV Winner
We Two – Moonpie – Best in Show by Audience choice Winner
Ambition – Celia Phantomhive

Numinous – MrNosec – Winner Best Action AMV
Indelible Ascendancy – ailynerie
Persona Monster – SerAvium
Cherry Bomb – Shin
Valkyrie – pic4arts, Eazy, JadeCharm
RISING – xDieguitoAMV
Incandescent Uprising – Kisanzi – Best Video Game AMV Winner

Category X
Deep Water – RΣDЯUM
Line – SachaValentine
Singularity – Buggy
Aesthetic Anime Girl Music Video – leolide
Sunlight – Sunlight – Winner Category X
daydream | return – ZephyrStar – Winner Editors Choice 

Assachusetts A Wicked Good AMV – shorisquared – Best Comedy Winner
Anime MasterChef – AntaresHeart07
Sick Kaori – pwcagal
Randomcore – VideoBeats
The Fujoshi Chronicle – Celia Phantomhive
Martyrdom – Joskua
Blades of Yuri – BecauseImBored1

Iron Chef Winner: Mamo!

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