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Gamers a 2017 early fall show started strong and ended it’s first season with a meh. I really had hope for this show, I watched it from start to end and I expected it to go somewhere with its story and characters and it just did not. In fact it got progressively worse as the show went on.

Let me break it down and explain why you should save your time and skip this show. If you have ever watched a love triangle, rom-com, high school, club anime then you already know the format. Gamers plays this format and sprinkles some gaming and nerd on it, very poorly might I add. All things considered the tile is very misleading, the main character is not really a gamer, he plays a cell phone game and is into old single player RPG games, but he is never shown playing anything but his cell phone game, and twice when he was at the club and at the arcade, which are things he is not interested in. The love interest is a competitive gamer, think counter strike, dota, ect, but again is never shown playing or talking about the games. The other potato characters are a jock who is a closet nerd who game up gaming to be cool, and the other a nerd girl who hates anime and plays cell phone games. And one other girl who is not into gaming but loves crane game toys and jocks.

Story warning some Spoilers if you could call these spoilers: this show starts with the main love interested falling for cell phone boy because he has no interest in her but loves gaming, and this is the underpin of the whole show. They bring in jock boy and potato girls and an odd triangle forms. Things go on and off between the characters. But in the end main love interest and cell phone boy end up together, jock and pink hair girl make up, and potato girl and potato girl sister say they won’t give up and walk off into the sun shine. WOW such a dramatic story right. The story attempts to inject drama but chickens out and always back peddles.


The art falls apart and get’s cheaper as the show progress. It started strong and the style is cute and has impact. But again as the show dragged on and nothing happened in the story the art began to suffer. Lines and backgrounds get so bad in the close of the show it is laughable. Just take a look at the hands below.

This is just one example of many, the use of CG and poor animation and lack of care just get’s worse as the show went on.┬áThis show had some good comedy at times ‘maybe us laughing at the bad art’ and a few entertaining moments, the use of derp face was welcome gravy to this dry bird. I don’t have much more to say, it’s not good overall.


The sound design and voice acting was good, I can’t fault gamers here. The sound track was okay, use of sound bits and gamer like flavor tunes is nice but is let down by the show. Good voice acting can’t make up for such a lack luster story.

This show had so many chances to take a risk, do something different, and it just does nothing. The story is nothing new, and does nothing at all. All the anime and game references can’t fix the lack of story progress. The characters are cookie cutter and don’t progress at all. The art started good and then got really bad. Overall Gamers had so much going for it but sadly was just Meh.


Gamers - S1 - TV

Gamers - S1 - TV





Audio Score&FX




JP voice acting



  • Game and Nerd references
  • Good OP\ED
  • Good voice acting


  • Dry characters
  • Nothing new
  • Story goes nowhere
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